Graduate Students Studying and/or Working as Assistants

Ozarks Regional Herbarium

Department of Biology

Missouri State University

Springfield, Missouri

The following list contains students who have completed Masters' degrees at Missouri State University under the guidance of faculty associated with the Ozarks Regional Herbarium. Those students who have continued to pursue further graduate study and who graduated with a Ph. D. at some other institution are indicated with an (*). Their theses are available in the Duane G. Meyer Library of Missouri State University.

1969. Sharon H. Brkich. A study of the Cyanophyta of Greene County, Missouri.

1971. *John Witherspoon. Plant Succession on Gravel Bars along the Jack's Fork and Current Rivers.

1975. James S. Key, M.D. Pteridophytes of the Interior Highlands of North America. Published by Department of Conservation as Field Guide to Ferns of Missouri. 1982.

1974. Patricia Thomas. Hepaticae of the Interior Highlands of North America.

1974. James T. Shelton. Initial vegetation of small but severely disturbed areas in the oak-hickory forests of southwest Missouri.

1975. Gordon T. Maupin. The vascular flora of Montauk State Park, Dent County, Missouri.

1975. *Ralph L. Thompson. The vascular flora of Lost Valley, Newton County, Arkansas. Published in Castanea 42: 61-94.

1976. Charles Pope. Vegetation of the Current & Jacks Fork Rivers.

1977. Susan Cunningham. Herbivore defense mechanisms in plants.

1979. Teresa L. Hilton. The bryophytes of Roaring River State Park, Barry County, Missouri.

1980. *Kathleen L. Hornberger. The vascular flora of Roaring River State Park, Barry County Missouri.

1981. *Raymond J. A. Budde. Morphologic and phenolic variation in Quercus alba and Q. stellata: evidence for hybridization.

1981. Janet L. Hicks. A vegetation analysis of Hercules Glades Wilderness.

1981. Donna Pray Key. Modern pollen spectra in pond sediments in southwest Missouri and its relationship to the contiguous forests.

1982. Carl E. Hauser. Allelopathic effect of Festuca arundinaceae on the growth of Juglans nigra seedlings.

1982. *Steve L. Timme. Ecological survey of the bryophytes of La Petite Gemme Prairie, Polk County, Missouri. This thesis was published as: Bryophytes of an open tallgrass prairie in Southwestern Missouri. Proceedings of the Eighth North American Prairie Conference. 1983.

1986. Carol A. Fuller. The bryophytes of Ha Tonka State Park, Camden County. Missouri.

1987. Arlene J. Collett. The vascular flora of Bona Glade Natural Area, Dade County, Missouri.

1987. Lisa Drysdale. The ecology of Pine Oak (Quercus palustris Muenchh.) The Marshy Oak.

1987. Myra Scroggs. Late Pleistocene and Holocene vegetation in the eastern United States.

1987. Myra Scroggs. Trends in American Plant succession. 1900-1986.

1988. Y.-G. Su. Revision of the genus Homaliodendron (Neckeraceae) of southeast Asia.

1989. *Jon Paul Rebman. The Vascular Flora of Piney Creek Wilder-ness in Barry/Stone Counties, Missouri.

1990. Lisa Thompson. Agriculture and water quality. A review of non-point source pollution in the deep loess region of Northwest Missouri.

1990. Linda Sue Orr. The vascular plants of Grand Gulf State Park, Oregon County, Missouri.

1992. Linda A. Lathrop. A study of the vegetation of the White River Balds Natural area, Taney County, Missouri.

1994. Gwen Waller. Electrophoresis of Campanula rotundifolia.

1996. Mike A. DeBecker. A Study of Castanea pumila var. ozarkensis in Southwest Missouri, Arkansas & North Louisiana.

1996. Richard Humphrey & Rolonda de Rasado. Germination ecophysiology of Geocarpum minimum.

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