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Checklist of the Mosses: Physiographic Regions of Study Site in the Interior Highlands of North America

Published by the
Ozarks Regional Herbarium
Missouri State University,
Springfield, MO 65897
Revised: November 1966
moss map

   The map depicted in the figure above outlines the physiographic regions in which the collections of mosses that comprise the checklist were made.
Figure 1. Physiographic regions of the InteriorHighlands of North America. Inset shows location of theInterior Highlands in Eastern North America including southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. Boundaries of each region are approximate. (1) SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU, (2) SALEM PLATEAU, 3) ST. FRANCOIS MTS.,(4) BOSTON MTS., (5) ARKANSAS VALLEY, (6) OUACHITA MTS,(7) MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS, (8) OZARK HILLS, (9) PRAIRIE,(10)BORDER COUNTIES, (11) COASTAL PLAIN.

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