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Revised January, 2005

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All collections forming the basis of this checklist have been examined through herbarium studies by the first author unless the locality cited is followed by a literature citation in parenthesis. The checklist is incomplete but will serve as a basis for the distribution of liverworts and hornworts in the Interior Highlands, and as a basis for future studies and reference.

Literature citations for specimens not seen by us are included in the Literature Cited. Additional literature pertaining to the liverwort and hornwort flora of the Interior Highlands follow the literature cited. Voucher specimens, or references to herbaria where voucher specimens are deposited, are filed under the appropriate taxon in the bryophyte collections at the Ozark Regional Herbarium, Missouri State University (Missouri State) or The Missouri Botanical Garden (MO). Specimens deposited in other herbaria are parenthetical following the county. They include DUKE (Duke University), KSP (Pittsburg State University), SIU (Southern Illinois University), UARK (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville), and UMO (University of Missouri, Columbia). Except where noted, nomenclature and the arrangement of families follows Stotler and Crandall-Stotler (1977).

Physiographic Regions of Study Site in the Interior Highlands of North America


In Fig. 1 Counties located in the Interior Highlands are divided into approximate geographic regions, i. e., the Salem Plateau (SALEM PLATEAU:), the Springfield Plateau (SPFD PLATEAU), the St. Francois Mountains (ST FRANCOIS MTS), the Ozark Hills (OZARK HILLS:), the Boston Mountains (BOSTON MTS), the Arkansas Valley (ARKANSAS VALLEY), and the Ouachita Mountains OUACHITA MTS). For the Springfield and Salem Plateaus and the Mississippi lowlands, counties in Arkansas or Oklahoma are designated by "-AR" or "-OK" respectively. For the Boston Mountains, the Arkansas Valley, and the Ouachita Mountains, counties in Oklahoma are designated by "-OK." The distribution of taxa in areas immediately adjacent to the Interior Highlands, the Unglaciated Prairie (PRAIRIE), Border Counties (BORDER COUNTIES) north of the Missouri River, the Mississippi Lowlands (MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS), and the Coastal Plain COASTAL PLAIN, are also noted.

Alphabetic Listing of Families and Genera

The following is a listing of families and genera of the taxa known to occur within the Interior Highlands as compiled from herbarium and literature studies by Dr. Stephen L. Timme. Each family is linked to a listing of the taxa presented in this checklist.





































































                                         Checklist of the Species by Family of Liverworts and Hornworts from the Interior

Highlands of North America in Arkansas, Illinois,

Missouri, and Oklahoma

This checklist represents collections of liverworts and hornworts from the Interior Highlands of North America covering many physiographic regions. This study currently represents 27 families and 39 genera.




Ptilidium pulcherrimum (G. Web.) Hampe SALEM PLATEAU: Phelps.


Trichocolea tomentella (Ehrh.) Dum. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Carter (KSP), Craford (Darigo, 2004b), Dent, Howell (F), Marion (UARK), Ste. Genevieve, Shannon, Texas; BOSTON MTS: Pope (Duke); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Sebastian-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland, Montgomery (DUKE), Polk-AR (UARK); OZARK HILLS: Jackson (SIU).




Kurzia setacea (Web.) Grolle BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR.


Kurzia sylvatica (Evans) Grolle SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve.


Telaranea nematodes (Gott. ex Aust.) M. A. Howe COASTAL PLAIN: Hempstead-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (UARK).

Bazzania trilobata (L.) S. Gray var. trilobata SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve, Madison-AR; SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Dade (KSP).




Calypogeia fissa (L.) Raddi senso stricto SALEM PLATEAU: Franklin Craford (Darigo, 2004b), Maries Craford (Darigo, 2004b), OUACHITA MTS: Scott-AR.


Calypogeia fissa subsp. neogaea Schust. SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon (KSP), Ste. Genevieve, Stone; BOSTON MTS:

Newton-AR (KSP).

Calypogeia muelleriana subsp. blomquistii Schust. OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR (DUKE).


Calypogeia sullivantii Aust. SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Hempstead-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (UARK); Polk-AR.


Calypogeia trichomanis (L.) Corda SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: St. Clair; SALEM PLATEAU: Izard-AR (UARK), Jefferson, Madison-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK), Van Buren-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: St. Francis-AR (UARK); OZARK HILLS: Union.




Cephalozia biscupidata (L.) Dumort. subsp. biscupidata OZARK HILLS: Jackson-IL (Hatcher, 1952).


Cephalozia lunulifolia (Dum.) Dum. SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR; PRAIRIE: Barton (KSP).


Nowellia curvifolia (Dicks.) Mitt. SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (KSP), Shannon (UMO), Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Johnson-AR, Newton-AR; BOSTON MTS: Polk-AR (DUKE).




Odontoschisma denudatum (Nees ex Mart.) Dum. var. denudatum SALEM PLATEAU: Madison-AR; BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Saline-AR.


Odontoschisma prostratum (Sw.) Trev. SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR, Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AR; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR, Franklin-AR, Newton-AR.




Cephaloziella divaricata *Sm.) Schiffn. var. divaricata SALEM PLATEAU: Franklin, Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AR; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR.


Cephaloziella hyalina Douin SALEM PLATEAU: Stone-AR (Schuster-1980-VI); BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR (KSP).


Cephaloziella rubella (Nees) Warnst. var. rubella SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry (KSP), Newton (KSP); SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon (KSP).




Geocalyx graveolens (Schrad.) Nees SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Searcy-AR.


LOPHOCOLEACEAE Nomenclature follows Engel, J. J. and R. M. Schuster (1984).


Chiloscyphus bidentata (L.) Engel & Schuster SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (KSP), Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Crawford-Ar, Newton-AR, Searcy-Ar.


Chiloscyphus cuspidata (Nees) Eng. & Schust. SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (KSP), Delaware-OK, Madison-AR, Shannon (DUKE); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Reynolds.

Chiloscyphus pallescens (Ehrh. ex Hoffm,) Dum. SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve (Darigo, 2004b)

Chiloscyphus profundus (Nees) Eng. & Schust. BORDER COUNTIES: St. Charles Craford (Darigo, 2004b) SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton; SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Carter (DUKE), Douglas Crawford (Darigo, 2004b), Franklin, Lawrence-AK (Darigo, 2004b), Maries (Darigo, 2004b), Oregon, Shannon (KSP), St. Francis, Ste. Genevieve, Stoddard (DUKE), Stone-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK), Van Buren-AR (UARK): OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (UARK), Yell-AR (UARK). PRAIRIE: Barton (KSP). MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Lee (Darigo, 2004b).




Plagiochila acanthophylla subsp. japonica var. ciliigera (Schust.) H. Inoue SALEM PLATEAU: Stone-AR.


Plagiochila asplenioides subp. porelloides (Torrey ex Nees) Schust. SALEM PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), (KSP), Franklin, Madison-AR (DUKE), Marion-AR (Schuster, 1980-IV), Shannon, Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Crawford-AR (DUKE), Franklin-AR (DUKE), Newton-AR (DUKE), Pope-AR (DUKE), Washington-AR (DUKE); OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR (DUKE), Saline-AR (DUKE).


Plagiochila ludoviciana Sull. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Sebastian-AR.


Plagiochila porelloides (Torry ex Nees) Lindenb. SALEM PLATEAU: Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Jefferson (Darigo, 2004b). 


Plagiochila undata Sull. subsp. undata BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (UARK), Newton-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (DUKE).




Lophozia badensis (Gott. ex Rabenh.) Schiffn. var. badensis SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Washington-AR; ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Reynolds.


Gymnocolea inflata (Huds.) Dum. var. inflata OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR.


Jamesoniella autumnalis (DC.) Steph. var. autumnalis SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Polk; SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon, Ste. Genevieve; OUACHITA MTS: Hot Springs, Montgomery-AR.


Nardia lescurii (Aust.) Underw. SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve.


Jungermannia crenuliformis Aust. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Dade; BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (DUKE),Newton-AR, Washington-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR.


Jungermannia gracillima Sm. PRAIRIE: Barton.


Jungermannia hyalina Lyell ARKANSAS VALLEY: Pope; OUACHITA MTS: Hot Springs.


Jungermannia leiantha Grolle OUACHITA MOUNTAINS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Scott-AR.


Jangermannia pumila With. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: St. Clair.




Marsupella sphacelata (Gieseke) Dum. SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR.




Diplophyllum apiculatum (Evans) Steph. var. apiculatum SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Delaware-OK (Little, 1936);SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve, BOSTON MTS: Washington-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK).


Scapania nemorosa (L.) Dum. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Caroll-AR (UARK), Cherokee-AK (Darigo, 2004b); SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Izard-AR (UARK), Jefferson, Madison (Darigo, 2004b), Phelps (Darigo, 2004b), Shannon (UMO), Stone-AR (DUKE), Ste. Genevieve, Wayne (UMO); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (DUKE), Franklin-AR (UARK), Johnson-AR (DUKE), Newton-AR, Pope-AR (DUKE), Van Buren-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (DUKE); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Faulkner-AR (UARK), OUACHITA MTS: Clark-AR (UARK), Garland-AR (UARK), Hot Springs-AR, Scott-AR.

Scapania undulata (L.) Dum. var. undulata SALEM PLATEAU: Texas (Darigo, 2004b). OUACHITA MTS: Pulaski.




Radula australis Aust. SALEM PLATEAU: Texas.


Radula complanata (L.) Dum. BORDER COUNTIES: Callaway (Darigo, 2004b). SALEM PLATEAU: Barry (KSP), Carter (Gier, 1955), Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Howell (Darigo, 2004b), Ozark (Darigo, 2004b), Shannon (Gier, 1955), Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AR (DUKE), Washington (Darigo, 2004b).  BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (DUKE), Johnson-AR, Washington-AR (KSP); OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR.


Radula complanata subsp. lindbergiana (G. ex Hartm.) Schust. BOSTON MTS: Newton (Schuster, 1980-IV), Washington (Schuster, 1980-IV).


Radula mollis Lindenb. et Gott. SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Johnson-AR (UARK), Marion-AR (Schuster, 1980-IV), Shannon (Darigo, 2004b).  BOSTON MTS: Searcy-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Perry-AR.


Radula obconica Sull. SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (KSP), Marion-AR (Schuster, 1980-IV), Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Crawford-AR (DUKE), Newton-AR, Washington-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Polk-AR (DUKE).




Porella pinnata L. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Benton-AR (UARK), Cedar (US), Hickory, Jasper, Newton (KSP, US); SALEM PLATEAU: Camden (UMO), Carter (KSP, DUKE), Crawford, Dallas, Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Franklin (UMO), Fulton-AR (UARK), Laclede, Madison-AR (UARK), Ozark, Shannon (KSP) Stone-AR (DUKE), Ripley, Texas; ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison (UMO), Wayne (Schuster, 1980-IV); BOSTON MTS: Independence-AR (UARK), Johnson-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (DUKE); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (DUKE), Faulkner-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Hot Springs-AR, Montgomery-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (DUKE), Saline-AR (DUKE), Scott-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Craighead-AR (UARK).

Porella platyphylla (L.) Pfeiff. BORDER COUNTIES: Callaway (Darigo, 2004b), St. Charles (Darigo, 2004b).  SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Cherokee (Darigo, 2004b). SALEM PLATEAU: Boone-AR, Butler, Camden (Darigo, 2004b), Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Izard-AR (UARK), Ozark, Shannon (KSP), Sharp-AR (UARK), Stone-AK (Darigo, 2004b); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (DUKE), Faulkner-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Crawford-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (UARK). MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Lee (Darigo, 2004b) 


Porella platyphylloidea (Schwein.) Lindb. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Cedar (US); SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Carter (KSP), Hickory, Oregon, Ozark, Phelps, Shannon (DUKE), St. Louis (Schuster, 1980-IV), Ste. Genevieve, Stoddard (DUKE); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (Schuster, 1980-IV); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Polk-AR.




Frullania brittoniae Evans SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry; SALEM PLATEAU: Marion-AR (Schuster, 1992-V), Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AR (DUKE); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison (UMO); BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (DUKE), Newton-AR (DUKE), Washington-Ar (Schuster, 1992-V).


Frullania eboracensis Gott. subsp. eboracensis SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry (KSP), Cedar (US), Newton (KSP); SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR, Camden, Carter (KSP), Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Independence-AR, Jefferson (Darigo, 2004b), St. Francois (Darigo, 2004b), Ste. Genevieve, Shannon (KSP), Washington; BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (KSP), Van Buren (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Sebastian-AR; PRAIRIE: Barton (KSP); COASTAL PLAIN: Clark (UARK).


Frullania eboracensis subsp. virginica (G.) Schust. SALEM PLATEAU: Marion-AR (Schuster, 1992-V).


Frullania ericoides SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry (KSP), Cedar (US), Polk, Washington-AR (DUKE); SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Carter (DUKE), Izard-AR (UARK), Marion-AR (Schuster, 1992-V), Ste. Genevieve, Shannon (KSP), Carter (KSP), Sharp-AR (UARK), Stone-AR (DUKE), Texas; BOSTON MTS: Cleburne-AR, Crawford-AR, Johnson-AR, Newton-AR (Schuster, 1992-V), Washington-AR (Schuster, 1992-V), Searcy-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Perry-AR (UARK), Latimer-OK; OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Hempstead-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (DUKE), Scott-AR (UARK), Yell-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Poinsett-AR (UARK);


Frullania inflata Gott. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry (KSP), Cedar (US), Cherokee-OK (Darigo, 2004b); SALEM PLATEAU: Boone-AR, Camden, Carter (KSP), Crawford (Darigo, 2004b), Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Howell (Darigo, 2004b), Madison (Darigo, 2004b), Moniteau (Darigo, 2004b), Phelps (Darigo, 2004b), Ste. Genevieve, Shannon (KSP); BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR (KSP); OUACHITA MTS: Scott-AR (DUKE); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Sequoyah-OK; PRAIRIE: Barton.


Frullania kunzei Lehm. et Lindenb. SALEM PLATEAU: Douglas; BOSTON MTS: Cleburne-AR, Newton-AR (KSP), Washington-AR (KSP); OUACHITA MTS: Perry-AR.


Frullania riparia Hampe ex Lehm. BORDER COUNTIES: Callaway (Darigo, 2004b). SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry (DUKE), Cherokee-OK (Darigo, 2004b), Christian; SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Maries (Darigo, 2004b), Ozark (Darigo, 2004b), Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AR (DUKE), Carter (KSP), Shannon (KSP); BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR, Washington-AR (Schuster, 1992-V); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Poinsett-AR (UARK).


Frullania tamarisci subsp. asagrayana (Mont.) Hatt. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Washington-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Logan-AR; OUACHITA MTS: McCurtain-OK, Montgomery-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Logan-AR (UARK).


Frullania tamarisci (L.) Dumort. subsp. tamarisci OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery (Schuster, 1992-V).


Jubula pennsylvanica (Steph.) Evans SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (KSP), Franklin, Madison-AR (UARK), Ste. Genevieve, Washington-AR (DUKE); BOSTON MTS: Crawford-AR (DUKE), Faulkner-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (DUKE), Newton-AR (DUKE), Washington-AR (KSP); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK), LeFlore-AR (Little, 1936); OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Polk-AR (DUKE),



Leucolejeunea clypeata (Schwein.) Evans SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), Carroll-AR; SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Madison-AR (UARK), Marion-AR (UARK), Shannon (KSP), Ste. Genevieve, Wayne (UMO); BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (DUKE), Newton-AR (UARK), Pope-AR, Washington-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (DUKE), Johnson-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Hempstead-AR (UARK), McCurtain-OK, Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Polk-AR (UARK), Scott-AR.


Leucolejeunea unciloba (Lindenb.) Evans SALEM PLATEAU: Oregon; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR, Polk-AR (DUKE).


Rectolejeunea maxonii Evans SALEM PLATEAU: Carter; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (Schuster, 1980-IV).


Lejeunea flava (Sw.) Nees subsp. flava OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE).


Lejeunea laetiivirens Nees et Mont. BOSTON MTS: Johnson-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE).


Lejeunea lamacerina (Steph.) Schiffn. subsp. gemminata Schust. BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR.


Cololejeunea biddlecomiae (Aust.) Evans SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Christian; SALEM PLATEAU: Dallas, Madison-AR (UARK), Marion-AR (Schuster, 1980-IV), Moniteau (Darigo, 2004b), Shannon (KSP), Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Independence-AR, Newton-AR, Washington-AR (KSP); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Franklin-AR (UARK).




Fossombronia brasiliensis Steph. SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR, Jefferson (Darigo, 2004b), Maries (Darigo, 2004b), Phelps (Darigo, 2004b), Stone-AR, Texas (Darigo, 2004b); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron; COASTAL PLAIN: Jefferson (Schuster, 1992-V).


Fossombronia foveolata Lindb. SALEM PLATEAU: Izard-AR (UARK); PRAIRIE: Barton.


Fossombronia texana Lindb. SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter (DUKE); BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR (DUKE).




Pallavicinia lyellii (Hook.) Carruth. SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AR (DUKE); BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR (KSP), Van Buren-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK), Pulaski-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (UARK), Saline-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Cross-AR (UARK), Greene-AR (UARK); COASTAL PLAIN: Little River-AR (UARK), Nevada-AR (UARK).




Pellia endiviifolia (Dicks.) Dum. SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve; BOSTON MTS: Crawford-AR, Johnson-AR.


Pellia epiphylla (L.) Corda BORDER COUNTIES: St. Charles (Darigo, 2004b).  SALEM PLATEAU: Bollinger (Darigo, 2004b),  Crawford (Darigo, 2004b), Ste. Genevieve (Gier, 1955), St. Louis (Darigo, 2004b); SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), Greene (Schuster, 1992-V); BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR (UARK), Pope-AR, Washington-AR (KSP); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (UARK).




Metzgeria conjugata Lindb. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Madison-AR (UARK), Ste. Genevieve, Wayne (UMO); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Reynolds; BOSTON MTS: Newton-AR (UARK); Washington-AR (Schuster, 1992-V); OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR (DUKE), Pulaski-AR (UARK).


Metzgeria furcata (L.) Dum. var. furcata SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (KSP); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison; BOSTON MTS: Boston-AR (UARK), Newton-AR, Washington-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Leflore-OK, Logan-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), McCurtain-OK (Schuster, 1992-V), Montgomery-AR (UARK).


Metzgeria furcata var. ulvula Nees BOSTON MTS: Washington-AR (KSP).


Metzgeria myriopoda Lindb. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Pope-AR (Schuster, 1992-V); OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Polk-AR (DUKE).



Aneura maxima (Schiffn.) Steph. SALEM PLATEAU; Madison County (Darigo 2004ba)

Aneura pinguis (L.) Dum. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU; Benton-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Bollinger (Darigo, 2004b), Carter (KSP), Crawford (Darigo, 2004b), Dent (Darigo, 2004b), , Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), , Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), ,Madison-AR (UARK), Ste. Genevieve (Darigo, 2004b), Shannon (KSP); BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK), Newton-AR, Washington-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Clark-AR (UARK), Garland-AR, Pulaski-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Crittenden-AR (UARK), Greene-AR (UARK), St. Francis-AR (UARK).


Riccardia chamedryfolia (With.) Grolle OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR, Montgomery-AR, Polk-AR (DUKE).


Riccardia multifida (L.) S. Gray var. multifida SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve, Carter (KSP); BOSTON MTS: Johnson-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR, Polk-AR.


Riccardia latifrons (Lindb.) Lindb. SALEM PLATEAU: Marion-AR (UARK), Stone-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Crawford-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK), Johnson-AR (UaRK), Washington-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (DUKE).


Riccardia palmata (Hedw.) Carruth. SALEM PLATEAU: Stoddard; OUACHITA MTS: Pulaski-AR (UARK).




Sphaerocarpos texanus Aust. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), Cherokee-OK (Darigo, 2004b), Dade, Washington-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Bollinger (Darigo, 2004b), Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Shannon (Gier, 1955), St. Louis (Schuster, 1992-V); BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK), Faulkner-AR (UARK), Pulaski-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Polk-AR (UARK); COASTAL PLAIN: Hempstead-AR (UARK).




Reboulia hemisphaerica (L.) Raddi  SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Benton-AR (UARK), Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Phelps (Darigo, 2004b), St. Clair; SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Benton, Camden, Carter (DUKE), Crawford (Darigo, 2004b), Dent, Madison-AR (UARK), Marion-AR (UARK), Shannon (UMO); BOSTON MTS: Frankin-AR, Faulkner-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (Schuster, 1992-VI); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK), Crawford-AR (UARK), Logan-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK), Howard-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (DUKE), Saline-AR.


Mannia fragrans (Balbis) Frye et Clark SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Dade; BOSTON MTS: Cherokee-OK.


Mannia triandra (Scop.) Grolle SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: McDonald; SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Howell, Shannon (KSP).


Asterella tenella (L.) P. Beauv. PRAIRIE: Henry (Darigo, 2004b). BORDER COUNTIES: Warren (Darigo, 2004b), SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UNAK), Polk; SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Camden, Carroll-AR (UARK), Craweford (Darigo, 2004b), Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Izard-AR (UARK), Madison (Darigo, 2004b), Perry, Phelps (Darigo, 2004b), St. Francois (Darigo, 2004b), Ste. Genevieve (Darigo, 2004b), St. Louis, Stone-AR (UARK), Texas (Darigo, 2004b), Washington (Darigo, 2004b); BOSTON MTS: Cherokee-Ok (Darigo, 2004b), Cleburne-AR (UARK),Jefferson-AR (UNAR), Newton-AR, Searcy-AR (UNAK), Washington-AR (UNAK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK), Crawford-AR (UARK), Faulkner-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UNKR), Perry-AR (UNAK), Pope-AR (UNAK), Pulaski-AR (UARK), Scott-AR (UNAK), Sebastian-AR (UNAK), Yell-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Grant-AR (UNAR), Pike-AR (UNAR); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Stoddard; COASTAL PLAIN: Hempstead-AR (UNAK), Sevier-AR (UNAK).


Asterella echinella (Gottsche) Underw. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Carroll-AR (Schuster, 1992-VI); SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Pulaski-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Greene-Ar (Schuster, 1992-VI).



Conocephalum conicum (L.) Lindb. BORDER COUNTIES: Callaway (Darigo, 2004b). SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Benton-AR (UARK), Polk; SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Benton, Camden, Carroll-AR (UARK), Carter, Crawford (Darigo, 2004b), Dallas, Dent, Independence-AR (UARK), Jefferson, Laclede, Madison (Darigo, 2004b), Madison-AR, Marion-AR (UARK), Oregon, Ozark, Pulaski, Ozark (F), Ripley, Shannon, Stone-AR (DUKE), Texas; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK), Crawford-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (DUKE), Newton (UARK), Pope-AR, Washington-AR (KSP); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Franklin-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Garland-AR (UARK); Montgomery-AR (UARK).




Pressia quadrata (Scop.) Nees subsp. quadrata SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Douglas (Darigo, 2004b), Jefferson (Gier, 1955), Stone-AR (Schuster, 1992-VI).

Marchantia aquatica (Nees) Burgeff. SALEM PLATEAU; Reynolds (Darigo, 2004a), Washington (Darigo 2004a).


Marchantia polymorpha L. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Greene, Washington-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Carter, Dent, Laclede, Ozark, Phelps, Shannon, Stone-AR (DUKE); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Reynolds; BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (UARK).


Dumortiera hirsuta (Sw.) Nees var. hirsuta SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Carter, Madison-AR, Marion-AR (Schuster, 1992-VI) Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Stone-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Franklin-AR, Faulkner-AR (UARK), Madison-AR; OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (DUKE), Pulaski-AR (UARK).




Ricciocarpos natans (L.) Corda SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Greene; SALEM PLATEAU: Oregon, Ozark, Ripley, St. Louis (Gier, 1955), Stoddard, Texas, BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK), Faulkner-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Hempstead-AR (UARK); OZARK HILLS: Union-IL (SIU); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Greene-AR (UARK).


Riccia austini Steph. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR.


Riccia beyrichiana Hampe ex Lehm. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry (Gier, 1955); SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK);, Carroll-AR (UARK), Izard-AR (McGregor, 1960), Marion-AR (UARK); ST. FRANCOIS MTS: St. Francois; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK), Crawford-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK);ARKANSAS VALLEY: Scott-AR (UARK), Sebastian-AR (UARK); PRAIRIE: Barton (KSP).


Riccia bifurca Hoffm. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: *Dade (KSP).


Riccia canaliculata Hoffm. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK).


Riccia cavernosa Hoffm. SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon; ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR.


Riccia campbelliana M. A. Howe SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Carroll-AR (UARK), Izard-AR (UARK);BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (Jacobs, 1951), Faullkner-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Logan-AR (UARK); PRAIRIE: Barton (KSP)


Riccia curtisii (Aust.) T. P. James COASTAL PLAIN: Hempstead-AR (UARK).


Riccia dictyospora Howe SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AR (UARK), Independence-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (Schuster, 1992, VI).


Riccia fluitans L. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, St. Clair; SALEM PLATEAU: Camden (UMO), Dent, Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Howell, Osage, Oregon, Phelps, Ripley, Shannon, Stone, Texas; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Hempstead-AR (UARK): OZARK HILLS: Union-IL (SIU).  MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Scott (Darigo, 2004b).


Riccia frostii Aust. SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon (Gier, 1955)); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK).


Riccia hirta (Aust.) Underw. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), Newton (KSP), Washington-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Carroll- AR (UARK), Izard-AR (UARK), Lawrence-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Crawford-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK), White-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLELY: Conway-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Hempstead-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Woodruff-AR (UARK);PRAIRIE: Barton.


Riccia lamellosa Raddi SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), Carroll-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Independence-AR (UARK); BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK), Crawford-AR (UARK).


Riccia macallisterii M. A. Howe SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: St. Clair; SALEM PLATEAU: St. Louis.


Riccia membranacea Gott. & Lindenb. (Missouri and Illinois counties reported in Schuster, 1992, VI) SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Benton-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); SALEM PLATEAU: Benton, Butler, Greene-AR (UARK), Lawrence-AR (UARK); Stoddard; BOSTON MTS: Cleburne-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK), White-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: McCurtain-OK, Pulaski-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Jackson-AR (UARK), Poinsett-AR (UARK.


Riccia ozarkiana McGregor SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry; SALEM PLATEAU: Izard-AR (Schuster, 1992-VI).


Ricia rhenana Lorbeer ex K. Müll. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK); (Gier, 1955).


Riccia sorocarpa Bisch. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Barry, Dade (KSP); SALEM PLATEAU: Boone; BOSTON MTS: Conway-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK).


Riccia sullivantii Aust. SPRINGFIELD PLATEAU: Cedar; SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon; OZARK HILLS: Union-IL (SIU).





Anthoceros laevis subsp. carolinianus (L.) Schust. SALEM PLATEAU: Bollinger (Darigo, 2004b), Boone, Dent (Darigo, 2004b), Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Izard-AR (UARK), Jefferson (Darigo, 2004b), Madison (Darigo, 2004b), Maries (Darigo, 2004b), St. Francois (Darigo, 2004b), Sharp-AR (UARK), Washington (Darigo, 2004b); BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK), Newton-AR (UARK), Washington-AR (UARK); ARKANSAS VALLEY: Conway-AR (UARK), Franklin-AR (UARK), Johnson-AR (UARK), Logan-AR (UARK), Sebastian-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS: Clark-AR (UARK), Dallas-AR (UARK), Garland-AR (UARK), Grant-AR (UARK), Montgomery-AR (UARK), Pulaski-AR (UARK), Saline-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Cross, Poinsett-AR (UARK), St. Francis-AR (UARK); PRAIRIE: Vernon; COASTAL PLAIN: Hempstead-AR (UARK), Sevier-AR (UARK).


Anthoceros mohrii Aust. OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery-AR (Schuster, 1992, VI).


Aspiromitus adscendens (L. & L.) Schust. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Scott-AR (UARK).


Aspiromitus punctatus subsp. agrestis var. agrestis (Paton) Schust. SALEM PLATEAU: Franklin (Darigo, 2004b), Howell (Darigo, 2004b), Stone-AR (UARK);St. Francis; BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK), Searcy-AR (UARK), Van Buren-AR, Washington-AR (UARK); MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Prairie-AR (UARK).


Aspiromitus punctatus subsp. agrestis var. douinii Schust. BOSTON MTS: Faulkner-AR (UARK); OUACHITA MTS; Howard-AR (UARK), Polk-AR (UARK); COASTAL PLAIN: Nevada-AR (UARK).

Phaeoceros oreganus (Austin) Hassel de Menendes. SALEM PLATEAU: Howell (Allen, MBG, Smith, T. E. 2001)



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