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Atlas of Missouri Vascular Plants


Wallace R. Weber

(Department of Biology)


William T. Corcoran

(Department of Geography)

Edited and Revised by

Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. and Mark S. Brunell

(Department of Biology)


Prepared for


 November, 2000

A Contribution of the Ozarks Regional Herbarium, Department of Biology, Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, 65897.


Three botanists in the field

Kay and George Yatskievych and "Wally" Weber, 1987



During the thirty-seven years since the publication of Steyermark's Flora of Missouri (1963), botanists have continued the process of documenting the number and range of plant taxa in Missouri. As an outlet for this new information, Missouriensis, the Journal of the Missouri Native Plant Society, commenced publication of a Botanical Record section in 1981 with Wallace Weber as editor.  Associate editors have included Doug Ladd, Jay Reveill, Jon Rebman and William Corcoran.  In 1990 the publication of the Catalogue of the Flora of Missouri (Yatskievych and Turner, 1990) updated nomenclature and documented over 100 new taxa for Missouri.  Publication of Steyermark's Flora of Missouri, Volume 1 (Yatskievych, 1999) made further changes in nomenclature and addition of new taxa. This Atlas of Missouri Vascular Plants  incorporates all the changes included in these previous publications as well as new taxa and county records published by Henderson (1980) and Mühlenbach (1979, 1983).  This Atlas includes 3384 taxa and over 13,039 new county records.

New taxa for the state have the literature citation listed in parentheses after each name.  These sources are listed in Literature Cited and General References (see below).

The nomenclature of each taxon follows, with one or two exceptions, Yatskievych & Turner (1990) and Yatskievych (1999).  Counties are not listed for a few taxa because the literature sources did not indicate a county location.

Many names used in Steyermark (1963) have subsequently been placed in synonymy.  When available, these synonyms are listed with each record.  Most of these entries may be considered as acceptable synonyms.  However, a few were simply names misapplied by Steyermark and are indicated by the statement "sensu Steyermark, 1963".  For reference purposes only, excluded species are listed.

            Dr. Weber had asked several people to aid in the proofreading of the county records.  We are not sure who all of these persons were or what parts they examined.  Rather than risk listing some but not all, we simply wish to acknowledge and thank them for their help.  The authors ask the general public to continuously proof-read this atlas and to inform us of any errors.

            Finally, Dr. Weber's untimely death made it necessary to complete this atlas without his valuable help.  Indeed, he had planned to complete, as one of the first tasks after his retirement, this atlas.  We are sure that one of his objectives would have been to include all new distribution records for Missouri that have appeared in the literature (Corcoran & Weber, 1991).  Consequently, this Atlas includes data from the Botanical Record 15 (1992), the new Steyermark's Flora of Missouri, Volume 1 by George Yatskievych (1999) and  reports published in Missouriensis and elsewhere. We thank Dr. George Yatskievych for his assistance in identifying the county localities for many taxa.

William C. Corcoran

Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.


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