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Below is a partial list of botanists who have either studied at the herbarium or borrowed material for study.

J. A. Steyermark - Flora of Missouri - 1955
E. B. Smith. Univ. of Arkansas. Flora of Arkansas - 1975
Missouri Department of Conservation - Various Dates
Donna Eggers Ware (Vanderbilt Univ.) - Valerianella - 1975
J. D. Phipps (Univ. Western Ontario) - Crataegus, 1993
Allen E. Bryant (Missouri Botanical Garden) - Polygonum, 1993
W. L. Wagner (Missouri Botanical Garden) - Oenothera macrocarpa subsp. macrocarpa (syn. O. missouriensis) - 1980
S. Saufferer (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture) - Solanum - 1988
TNC Arkansas Heritage Program - Various Dates
D. M. Johnson (Univ. of Michigan) - Marselia - 1983
Brent D. Mishler (Duke Univ.) - Tortula, Thelia - 1992
Dale H. Vitt (Univ. of Alberta) - Ptychomitrium - 1993
David Long (Royal Botanical Garden, Kew) - Asterella - 1993
J. Enroth (Univ. of Helsinki) - Pinnatella of China - 1992
H. Robinson (National Museum of Natural History) - Brachytheci- aceae of China - 1995
C. Delgadillo (Dept. Botanica Inst. de Biol., Mexico) - Alonia of China - 1994
R. K. Jansen (Univ. of Texas) - Calopogon - 1994
Richard Couch (Oral Roberts Univ.) - Myriophyllum - 1985
Robert S. Kral (Vanderbilt Univ.) - Scutellaria ovata - 1985
E. B. Smith (Univ. of Arkansas) - Erythronium americanum - 1985
Nancy C. Coile (Univ. of Georgia) - Quercus - 1985
D. M. Brandenburg (Univ. of Oklahoma) - Diarrhena - 1985
R. Ochyra (Polish Acad. Sciences) -Sciaromium - 1975
George Yatskievych (Missouri Botanical Garden & Missouri Depart ment of Conservation. - Preparation of New Flora of Mis souri. In progress.

Logistical support for field collecting and/or orientation to the flora of the Ozarks was provided for most of the persons listed below. Delzie Demaree, Hot Spring, Ark. 1959. A. J. Sharp. University of Tennessee. 1959, 1988. W. Carl Taylor, Milwaukee Public Museum, 1974 W. H. Wagner. University of Michigan. 1978 G. Ledyard Stebbins, Univ. of California. 1980. Armen Takhtajan, Kamarov Botanical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. 1982. P.-C. Wu. 1986, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China Bruce Allen, Missouri Botanical Garden, 1986, 1988, 1990. R. E. Magill, Missouri Botanical Garden, 1986. W. R. Buck, New York Botanical Garden, 1988. J. D. Phipps, Univ. Western Ontario, 1993. Dr. Tatemi Shimizu, Tokyo, Japan

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