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TREES OF THE Missouri State campus TREES OF THE Missouri State CAMPUS    A guide for ID and          education

Springfield has some wonderful trees and the Missouri State campus is no exception.  Many have been here as long as the campus itself and deserve acknowledgment.  This website is designed to aid in the identification of the tree species on campus and provide interesting information about each species. Images of most of the trees are provided. Trees are grouped by families and arranged by leaf type to facilitate identification. Other characteristics are described within the text.

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The website is divided into four pages.  One for trees with simple, broadleaf trees (Non-needlelike), another for trees with compound leaves and the other is for the conifers - needle or scale-like leaves.  There is also a checklist of all the tree species on campus.  Any of these pages can be accessed by clicking below. Carrington hall

BurrOakpencil.jpg (16486 bytes)Elm leaf pencil sketch   Simple, broadleaf trees

compound2pencil.jpg (58000 bytes)compound leaf pencil sketch    Compound-leaved trees

pine cone pencil sketchpine cone pencil sketch Needle-leaved trees

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For further information concerning the trees or the website contact either Chris Dolanc or Russ Rhodes.

Last revised on December 03, 2009.