Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.  

Species in this list include not only native and adventive plants, but also some commonly encountered ornamental plants.  Plants are listed alphabetically by genus.  


Packera obovata  (Muhlenb. ex Willd.) W. A. Weber & Á. Löve, Photo1Photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, squaw weed, roundleaf groundsel [Asteraceae, daisy family]

Palafoxia callosa (Nutt.) Torrey & A. Gray, Photo 1, Photo 2Photo 3, Spanish needles, [Asteraceae, daisy family]

pale Indian plantain - Arnoglossum atriplicifolium L.

Panax quinquefolius L., Photo 1, Photo 2, American ginseng, ginseng, Araliaceae, genseng family]

Panicum boscii Poiret, panic grass [Poaceae, grass family]  

Panicum capillare L., Photo 1, Photo 2, common witchgrass [Poaceae, grass family]

Panicum virgatum L.,  Photo 1, Photo 2, switch grass [Poaceae, grass family]

Parnassia grandifolia DC., grass-of-Parnassus [Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family]

Parthenium hispidum Raf., Photo 1, Photo 2, American feverfew [Asteraceae, daisy family]  

Parthemnium intregifolium L., American feverfew [Asteraceae, daisy family]

Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planchon, Virginia creeper, woobine [Vitaceae, grape family]

Passiflora incarnata L., maypops, apricot vine, passion flower [Passifloraceae, passion-flower family]

Passiflora lutea var. glabriflora Fern., passion-flower [Passifloraceae, passion flower family]  

Paspalum sp., beard grass [Poaceae, grass family]

Paspalum laeve Michx. var. laeve, Photo 1, Photo 2, field paspalum [Poaceae, grass family] 

Pastinaca sativa L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, parsnip [Apiaceae, carrot family] pr

Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Steudel, Tree, Leaves, Flower 1, Flower 2, Flower 3, Flower 4Fruit, Young Tree 1, Young Tree 2, Young Tree 3, empress tree [Scrophulariaceae, figwort family]

Pedicularis canadensis L.  Photo 1, Photo 2,  Photo 3 (red form),  common lousewort, wood betony [Orobanchaceae, broomrape family]  

Pennisetum setaceum, Photo 1, Photo 2, fountain grass [Poaceae, grass family]

Penstemon cobaea Nutt., Photo 1, , Photo 2, Photo 3, cobaea beard-tongue [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Penstemon digitalis Nutt. ex Sims f. digitalis Steyerm., smooth beard-tongue [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Penstemon pallidus Small, Photo 1, Photo 2, pale beard-tongue [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Penstemon tubaeflorus Nutt., Photo 1, Photo 2, [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Penthorum sedoides L., Photo 1, Photo 2, ditch stonecrop [Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family]

Perilla frutescens  (L.) Britton, Photo 1, Photo 2Photo 3, beef-steak plant [Lamiaceae, mint family]

Phacelia gilioides Brand, hairy phacelia [Hydrophyllaceae, waterleaf family]

Phacelia hirsuta Nutt. f. hirsuta,   Photo 1, Photo 2, scorpion weed, phacelia [Hydrophyllaceae, waterleaf family]

Philadelphus inodorus Schrad., mock orange [Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family]  

Phleum pratense L., timothy [Poaceae, grass family]

Phlox bifida L. C. Beck, Photo 1, Photo 2, cleft phlox, sand phlox [Polemoniaceae, phlox family]

Phlox divaricata  (Alph. Wood) Wherry, blue phlox, wild sweet William [Polemoniaceae, phlox family]

Phlox glaberrima L. ssp. interior (Wherry) Wherry, Photo 1, Photo 2, smooth phlox, [Polemoniaceae, phlox family]

Phlox paniculata L., perennial phlox, summer phlox, garden phlox [Polemoniaceae, phlox family]

Phlox pilosa L., prairie phlox, downy phlox [Polemoniaceae, phlox family]

Phryma leptostachya L. var. leptostacha, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo3, lopseed [Verbenaceae, vervain family]

Phyla lanceolata (Michaux) E. Green, northern fog fruit, northern fron fruit [Verbenaceae, vervain family]  

Phyla nodoflora (L.) E. Greene, Photo 1, Photo 2,  common frog fruit, turkel tangle [Verbenaceae. vermain family]

Phyllanthus caroliniensis Walt. ssp. caroliniensis, Photo 1, Photo 2, leaf flower {Euphorbiaceae, spurge family]

Physalis longifolia Nutt. var. longifolia, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, common ground cherry [Solanaceae, nightshade family]

Physalis pubescens L. var. missouriensis (Mackenz.) Waterfall, Photo 1, Photo 2, downy ground cherry. annual ground cherry

       [Solanaceae, nightshade family] = Physalis missouriense Mack & Bush fide Yatskievych 2013

Physocarpus opulifolius var. intermedius (Rydb.) Robinson, Photo 1, Photo 2, ninebark [Rosaceae, rose family]

Physostegia angustifolia Fern., photo 1, photo 2, false dragonhead [Lamiaceae, mint family]

Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth. var. virginiana, false dragonhead, obedient plant, Virginia lionsheart [Lamiaceae, mint family]

Phytolacca americana L. var. americana, pokeweed, poke [Phytolaccaceae, pokeweed family]

Pilea pumila (L.) A. Gray, Photo  1, Photo 2, clearweed [Urticaceae, nettle family]

Plantago aristata Michx., bracked plantain, buckthorn [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Plantago cordata Lam., heartleaf plantain [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Plantago lanceolata L., English plantain, buckthorn, rib grass [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]

Plantago virginiana L., Photo 1, Photo 2, hoary plantain, pale-seeded plantain [Plantaginaceae, plantain family]  

Platanthera ciliaris (L.) Lindley, Photo 1, Photo 2, yellow fringed orchid [Orchidaceae, orchid family]

Platanthera clavellata (Michaux) Luer, Photo 1, Photo 2, green wood orchid [Orchidaceae, orchid family]

Platanthera psychoides Sheviak & Bowles, small purple fringed orchid [Orchidaceae, orchid family]

Platanus occidentalis L, Photo 1, Photo 2, fruits, bark, sycamore, American plane tree [Platanaceae, plane tree family]

Podophyllum peltatum L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, rose colored form,  Fruit, May apple, mandrake [Berberidaceae, barberry family]

Polanisia dodecandra (L.) DC., clammy-weed [Capparidaceae, caper family]

Polemonium reptans L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Jacob's ladder, Greek valerian, creeping polemonium [Polemoniaceae, phlox family]

Polygala sanquinea L., Photo 1, Photo 2, field milkwort, slender milkwort [Polygalaceae, milkwort family]

Polygala senega L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Seneca snakeroot [Polygalaceae, milkwort family]

Polygonatum biflorum var. commutatum (Schultes f.) Morong., Solomom's Seal [Liliaceae, lily family]  

Polygonum aviculare L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Flower , knotweed, knotgrass, dooryard weed, hogweed

         [Polygonaceae, knotweed, smartweed Family]

Polygonum coccineum Muhl. Photo 1, Photo 2, water smartweed [Polygonaceae, smartweed]

        = Persicaria amphiloba (L.) Gray var. emersa (Michx.) J. C. Hickman fide Yatskievych 2013

Polygonum orientale L. Photo 1, Photo 2, kiss-me-over-the-fence, prince's feather [Polygonaceae, smartweed family]

         = Persicaria orientalis L. fide Yatskievych 2013

Polygonym hydropiperoides Michx., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, mild water pepper, wild water pepper [Pologonaceae, smartweed family]

       = Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small fide Yatskievych 2013

Polygonum pensylvanicum L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, pinkweed, common smartweed, Pennsylvania smartweed

          [Polygonaceae, smartweed family] = Persicaria pensylvanicum (L.) M. Gomez

Polygonum scandens L., Photo 1, Photo 2, false buckwheat, crested buckwheat [Polygonaceae smartweed family]  

Polygonum virginianum L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Virginia knotweed, jumpseed [

Polytaenia nuttallii DC., Photo 1, Photo 2, prairie parsley, [Apiaceae, carrot family] Polygonaceae, smartweed family]

Pontederia cordata L., Photo 1, Photo 2, pickerel weed [Pontederiaceae, pickerel weed family]  

Populus alba L., Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, silver poplar, white poplar [Salicaceae, willow family]

Populus deltoides Marsh. Photo 1, Photo 2, cottonwood [Salicaceae, willow family]

Portulaca oleracea L., Photo 1, Photo 2, little hogweed, [Portulacaceae, purslane family]

Portulaca pilosa L., Photo 1, Photo 2, pink purslane [Portulacaceae, purslane family]  

Potamogeton nodosus Raf., longleaf pondweed [Potamogetonaceae, pondweed family]

Potentilla recta L., Photo 1, Photo 2, rough-fruited cinquefoil, sulphur cinqefoil [Rosaceae, rose family]  

Potentilla simplex Michaux, common cinquefoil, old-field cinquefoil. five finger [Rosaceae, rose family]

Prenanthes asper Michaux, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, rattlesnake root, rough white lettuce [Asteraceae, daisy family]

Prunella vulgaris L.,Photo 1, Photo 2Photo 3, self-seal, heal-all [Lamiaceae, mint family]

Prunus angustifolia Marshall, Chicksaw plum (Rosaceae, rose family]

Prunus mahaleb L. perfumed cherry. (Rosaceae, rose family

Prunus mexicana S. Watson, big tree plum, wild plum [Rosaceae, rose family]

Prunus serotina Ehrh., Photo 1, Photo 2, fruit, black cherry, wild cherry, rum cherry [Rosaceae, rose family]

Prunus sp., wild plum [Rosaceae, rose family]  

Ptelea trifoliata L. ssp. trifoliata, common hop tree, stinking ash [Rutaceae, citrus family]

Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, kudzu vine [Fabaceae, bean family] (= P. montana (Lour.) Merr. var lobata (Willd. ) Maesen & S. M.

      Almedia ex Sanjappa & Predeep fide Yatskievych 1999)

Pycnanthemum pilosum Nutt., hair mountain mint [Lamiaceae, mint family]

Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Schrad. , Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, slender northern mint [Lamiaceae, mint family]

Pyrrhopopappus carolinianus (Walter) DC. Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, false danedloin (Asteraceae, daisy family]

Pyrus calleryana Decene 'Bradford', Bradford pear, [Rosaceae, rose family]

Pyrus communis L.,  pear, [Rosaceae, rose family]

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