Schistidium  Brid. [GRIMMIACEAE] 

         The understanding of this genus in the Interior Highlands is in a state of flux.  Currently, based on unpublished treatment by H. H. Blom, most collections reported earlier editions of this Checklist under the names of Schistidium agassizii, S. apocarpum and S. rivulare, may be placed in two taxa, Schistidium apocarpum subsp. canadense (Dupr.) H. H. Blom ex B. H. Allen & Pursell and Schistidium viridie H. H. Blom. The following treatment of Schistidium for the Interior Highlands of North America is based primarily on specimens deposited at the Missouri Botanical Garden (MO).

Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. subsp. canadense  (Dupr.) H. H. Blom ex B. B. Allen & Pursell

          SPFD PLATEAU: Lawrence. SALEM PLATEAU: Franklin, Jefferson,  Miller, Ste. Genevieve, Shannon

Schistidium crassithecium H. H. Bloom ex B. H. Allen

  BORDER COUNTIES: Warren (Atwood 1172). SPFD PLATEAU: Barry (Holmberg 1714), Cedar (Redfearn 4664), Greene (Witherspoon 902). SALEM PLATEAU: Oregon (Allen, 17093), Ozark (Allen 20225), Ste.        Genevieve (Atwood 1159A), Taney Hicks 1058), Texas (Allen 6456). ARKANSAS: Upper State (Fl. N. Amer. 27 (1): 215. 2007.

 Schistidium viride H. H. Blom

 PRAIRIE: Bates (MO). BORDER COUNTIES: Warren (MO). SPFD PLATEAU: Cedar, Christian, Greene, Lawrence.  SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter (MO), Camden, Crawford (MO), Franklin (MO), Gasconade (MO), Jefferson (MO), LaClede, Moniteau (MO), Oregon, Ozark, Perry (MO), St. Francois (MO), Ste. Genevieve (MO), St. Louis (MO), Scott, Taney, Texas, Washington, Wayne. ST. FRANCOIS MTNS: Iron (MO), Madison (MO), Wayne (MO). BOSTON MTNS: Franklin, Cherokee-OK (MO), Marion-AK (MO), Newton, Pope (MO).  MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Dunklin (MO).


Schwetschkeopsis Broth.  [FARONIACEAE]


Schwetschkeopsis fabronia (Schwaegr.) Broth.


SALEM PLATEAU: Camden, Carter, Cole, Douglas, Marion-AK, Ste. Genevieve, Shannon.  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison, Reynolds, Wayne.  OZARK HILLS: Jackson, Johnson, Union. BOSTON MTS: Boone, Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Madison, Newton, Pope, Searcy, Stone, Van Buren.  OUACHITA MTS: Garland, Hot Spring, McCurtain-OK, Montgomery, Perry, Saline.

Sciaromium lescurii (Sull. in Gray) Broth. = Platylomella lescurii, fide Anderson et al 1990.

Scopelophila (Mitt.) Lindb. [POTTIACEAE]


Scopelophila ligulata (Spruce) Spruce




Seligeria Bruch. & Schimp. in B. S. G. [SELIGERACEAE]

 Seligeria calcarea (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G.

        SPFD PLATEAU: Barry, Christian. SALEM PLATEAU: Jefferson, Stone.  BOSTON MTS: Newton (DUKE).

 Seligeria donniana (Sm.) C. Müll.

        ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison (MO).

 Seligeria pusillia (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. in  B.S.G.

SPFD PLATEAU: Christian. SALEM PLATEAU: Franklin (Gier, 1955).  OSTON MTS: Newton.

 Seligeria recurvata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.

          MISSOURI: no locality (MO).


 Sematophyllum Mitt. [SEMATOPHYLLACEAE]


Sematophyllum adnatum (Michx.) Britt.


PRAIRIE: Cooper (Gier, 1955), Jackson (Gier, 1955), Pettis (Gier, 1955), Vernon (Timme 14475).  BORDER COUNTIES: Boone (DUKE), Fulton (MO), Montgomery (Gier, 1955), Randolph (Gier, 1955), St. Charles (MO), Warren (MO).  SPFD PLATEAU: Cedar (Gier, 1955), Greene, St. Clair (Gier, 1955).  SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AK (Majestyk, 2000), Benton (Gier, 1955), Bollinger (MO), Butler, Camden (Gier, 1955), Carter, Douglas, Franklin (MO), Fulton (MO), Howell, Izard-AK (NY), Jefferson (MO), Maries (Gier, 1955), Ripley, St. Francois (MO), St. Louis (MO), Shannon (Gier, 1955), Stone-AK (NY), Taney, Texas (MO),  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron, Reynolds (Gier, 1955), Wayne.  BOSTON MTS: Conway (Moore, 1965), Crawford (NY), Johnson.  OUACHITA MTS: Clark, Garland, Hempstead (MO), Hot Spring, LeFlore-OK, McCurtain-OK (Sharp, 1930), McCurtain (MO), Montgomery, Pike (Majestyk, 1994), Polk, Pulaski, Saline, Scott.  MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Pemiscot (MO), COASTAL PLAIN: Cleveland (Majestyk, 2000), Dallas (Majestyk, 1995), Hempstead, Little River, Miller (UARK), Union (Majestyk, 1995).

Sematophyllum carolinianum (C. Müll.) Britt. = S.demissum fide Anderson et al 1990 = S. carolinianum fide Schofield (2010)

Sematophyllum carolinianum (C. Müll.) Britt.

PRAIRIE: Barton, Vernon.  BORDER COUNTIES:  Montgomery, Warren.  SPFD PLATEAU: Adair-OK, Benton-AK, Butler (MO), Cedar, Dade, Greene, Izard-AK (MO), Lawrence, Newton (Gier, 1955), St. Clair, Webster.  SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AK, Boone-AK, Butler, Carroll-AK, Crawford, Douglas, Franklin, Gasconade, Howell, Izard-AK, Jefferson, Ozark, Perry, Phelps, Polk, Ripley, Ste. Genevieve, Shannon, Stone- AK (NY), Texas, Washington, Wright.  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron, Madison, Wayne.  OZARK HILLS: Gallatin, Jackson, Johnson, Pope, Randolph, Saline, Union, Williamson.  BOSTON MTS: Cleburne, Conway, Crawford, Faulkner, Franklin, Independence, Johnson, Madison, Newton, Pope, Sequoyah-OK, Stone, Van Buren, Washington. ARKANSAS VALLEY: Logan, Sebastian.  OUACHITA MTS: Clark, Hot Spring, LeFlore-OK, McCurtain-OK, Montgomery, Perry, Pike, Polk (DUKE), Pulaski, Saline, Scott, Yell.

Sematophyllum demissum (Wils,) Mitt. = S. carolinianum fide Schofield (2010)

Sematophyllum marylandicum (C. Müll.) Britt.

PRAIRIE: Vernon (MO). SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve.  OZARK HILLS: Pope.  BOSTON MTS: Van Buren (DUKE).  OUACHITA MTS: Montgomery, Polk (DUKE).

Sphagnum L. [SPHAGNACEAE]. Andrus (2005) has reexamined collections of Sphagnum deposited at MO and made several changes is the distribution of the species angustifolium, bartlettianum, capillifolium, centrale, cuspidatum, magellanicum, russowii, subtile and tenerum for Missouri.


Sphagnum affine Ren. & Card.

SALEM PLATEAU: Stoddard (MO). OZARK HILLS: Pope. OUACHITA MTS: Garland, Grant (Majestic, 2001), Hot Spring (Majestyk, 1994), Saline. COASTAL PLAIN: Nevada. MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Jefferson (Majestyk, 2001), Hempstead, Nevada (MO).

Sphagnum angustifolium (C. Jens. ex Russ.) C. Jens in Tolf.


Sphagnum bartlettianum Warnst.

        SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve (MO). BOSTON MTS: Newton (MO).

Sphagnum capillaceum var. tenerum (Sull. & Lesq. ex Sull.) H.A. Crum = S. tenerum Sull. & Lesq. ex Sull. fide McQueen & Andrus 2007.

Sphagnum capillifolium (Ehrh.) Hedw.

SALEM PLATEAU: Jefferson (MO), St. Francois (MO), Ste. Genevieve, Washington (MO).  OZARK HILLS: Pope (MO). BOSTON MTS:  Faulkner (Wittlake, 1950), Newton (MO).

Sphagnum carolinianum R. E. Andrus

      Missouri: locality not specified, (Andruus 2003). Probably in the Interior Highlands.

 Sphagnum centrale C. Jens. in Arnell & C. Jens., misapplied = S. magellanicum fide Andrus 2005.

 Sphagnum compactum DC. in Lam & DC.

BORDER COUNTIES: Lincoln.  SALEM PLATEAU: Franklin, IzardAK, Jefferson (MO), St. Francois (Gier, 1955), Ste. Genevieve, Stone-AK.  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison.  OZARK HILLS: Jackson, Pope, Randolph. BOSTON MTS: Conway, Faulkner, Franklin, Johnson, Pope, Stone.  OUACHITA MTS: Garland (Scully, 1941), Hot Spring, Montgomery, Polk (MO).

Sphagnum cuspidatum Ehrh.  ex Hoffm.

BORDER COUNTIES: Lincoln.  PRAIRIE: Barton (MO).  SALEM PLATEAU: Ripley (Rare & Endangered Computer List, 1981).  OZARK HILLS: Jackson (MO), Johnson, Williamson (DUKE).  OUACHITA MTS: Garland (DUKE), Hot Spring.

Sphagnum cyclophyllum Sull. & Lesq.

OUACHITA MTS: Grant (Majestyk, 2002).  COASTAL PLAIN: Calhoun-AK (Majestyk, 1995).

Sphagnum fallax H. Klinggr.

     SPFD PLATEAU: Barton (DUKE). SALEM PLATEAU: Jefferson (MO)

Sphagnum fimbriatum Wils. & Hook. f. in Hook. var. fimbriatum.


Sphagnum henryense Warnst.

MISSOURI: no locality (McQueen & Andrus, 2007). OUACHITA MTS: Garland, Hot Spring (MO). MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS:  Greene-AK (MO).

Sphagnum imbricatum Hornsch. ex Russow

SALEM PLATEAU:  Stoddard. OUACHITA MTS: Garland (DUKE), Jefferson (NY), Saline (MO). COASTAL PLAIN: Nevada.

Sphagnum inundatum Russow


Sphagnum lescurii Sull. in Gray

SPFD PLATEAU: Benton-AK.  SALEM PLATEAU: Benton-AK (MO), Bollinger (MO), Butler (Gier, 1955), Dent (MO), Howell, Jefferson (Gier, 1955), Madison (Darigo, 2000b), Oregon, Ripley, Ft. Francois (MO), Ste. Genevieve, Shannon, Wright.  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron, Madison (MO), Reynolds, St. Francois (Darigo, 2001b), Wayne.  OZARK HILLS: Johnson.  BOSTON MTS: Cleburne (Majestyk, 2001), Conway, Faulkner, Franklin, Independence, Johnson, Madison, Newton, Pope.  ARKANSAS VALLEY: Logan.  OUACHITA MTS: Clark, Conway (DUKE), Garland, Grant (DUKE), Hot Spring, LeFlore-OK (NY), McCurtain-OK, Montgomery, Perry, Pike, Polk (DUKE), Pulaski, Pushmataha-OK (NY), Scott (MO), Yell.  MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Clay-AK, Jefferson-AK.  COASTAL PLAIN:  Dallas (DUKE), Hempstead, Nevada, Ouachita (Majestyk, 1994), Nevada.

 Sphagnum macrophyllum Bernh.  ex Brid. 

      COASTAL PLAIN:  Hempstead-AK.

Sphagnum margaritae Crum. = S. capillifolium fide McQueen & Andrus 2003.    

Sphagnum magellanicum Brid.


Sphagnum palustre L.

SPFD PLATEAU: St. Clair.  SALEM PLATEAU: Oregon, Ripley, Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis (MO), Shannon (MO), Stoddard (MO), Washington (MO).  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Reynolds (MO), BOSTON MTS: Conway, Cleburne, Franklin (Wittlake, 1950).  OUACHITA MTS: Clark, Garland, Hot Spring, McCurtain-OK (MO), Pike (NY), Saline.  MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Greene-Ak (Majestyk, 2001), Stoddard. COASTAL PLAIN: Calhoun (Majestyk, 2000), Greene (NY), Nevada.

Sphagnum platyphyllum (Lindb.  ex Braithw.) Sull. ex Warnst.


Sphagnum pulchricoma Müll. Hal.  = S. recurvum fide Crum 1980.

Sphagnum recurvum P. Beauv.

SPFD PLATEAU: Polk.  ARKANSAS VALLEY: Logan. OUACHITA MTS: Conway (Moore, 1965), Dallas (NY), Garland, Montgomery, Saline. COASTAL PLAIN: Dallas (DUKE).

Sphagnum russowii Warnst.

SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve.  OZARK HILLS: Pope, Randolph.

Sphagnum subsecundum Nees

BOSTON MTS: Conway (MO), Madison (MO). OUACHITA MTS: Clark (MO), McCurtain-OK (MO), Pike (MO), Pulaski (MO), Saline (NY), Scott (NY), Yell (MO).

Sphagnum subsecundum var. platyphyllum = S. subsecundum fide Anderson 1990.

Sphagnum subsecundum var. rufescens (Nees & Hornsch.) Hüb. = S. lescurii fide Anderson 1990.

SALEM PLATEAU:  Carter (MO), Jefferson (MO), St. Francois (DUKE) Ste.Genevieve  (DUKE).  Shaw et al. (2005) suggests that this species cannot be separated from S. capillifolium.

 Sphagnum tenerum Sull & Lesq. in Sull. in Gray

SALEM PLATEAU: Stoddard (DUKE).  OZARK HILLS: Pope, Randolph. BOSTON MTS: Montgomert (NY), Newton (DUKE).

Sphagnum trinitense C. Müll.

PRAIRIE:  Barton.  OUACHITA MTS: Clark (Majestyk, 1995).


Steerecleus Rohins. [BRACHYTHECIACEAE]


Steerecleus serrulatus (Hedw.) Robins.


 PRAIRIE: Bates, Barton, Cass (Gier, 1955), Cooper (Gier, 1955), Henry, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis (Gier, 1955), Saline, Vernon.  BORDER COUNTIES: Boone (Gier, 1955), Callaway (Gier, 1955), Howard (Gier, 1955), Lincoln (Gier, 1955), Montgomery, St. Charles (MO).  SPFD PLATEAU: Adair-OK, Barry, Benton-AK, Cedar, Cherokee-OK, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Hickory, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Polk, St. Clair, Washington-AK, Webster.  SALEM PLATEAU: Benton (MO), Bollinger (Gier, 1955), Boone-AK, Butler, Camden, Cape Girardeau, Carroll-AK, Carter, Cherokee-OK, Cole, Crawford, Dent, Douglas, Franklin, Fulton- AK, Gasconade, Howell, Izard-AK, Jefferson, Laclede, Lawrence-AK, Maries, Marion-AK, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan, Oregon, Osage, Ozark, Perry, Phelps, Pulaski, Ripley, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis, Scott (Darigo, 1999), Shannon, Sharp-AK, Stoddard, Stone, Stone- AK, Taney, Texas, Washington, Wayne, Wright.  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Iron, Madison (MO), Reynolds, Wayne.  OZARK HILLS: Gallatin, Jackson, Johnson (MO), Pope, Randolph, Union.  BOSTON MTS: Adair-OK, Boone, Carroll (MO), Cherokee-OK, Cleburne, Conway, Crawford, Faulkner, Franklin, Independence, Johnson, Madison, Muskogee (Bird, 1960), Newton, Pope, Searcy, Sequoyah-OK, Stone, Van Buren, Washington, White.  ARKANSAS VALLEY: Le- Flore-OK, Logan, Sebastian.  OUACHITA MTS: Clark, Garland (Scully, 1941), Grant (DUKE), Hot Spring, Howard (Majestyk, 2002), Latimer-OK, LeFlore-OK, McCurtain-OK, Montgomery, Pike, Polk (DUKE), Pushmataha-OK (NY), Saline, Scott, Yell.  MISSISSIPPI LOWANDS: Dunklin (MO), Jefferson-AK, Lee (MO), Lonoke (MO), Pemiscot (MO), Phillips (MO).  COASTAL PLAIN: Calhoun (Majestyk, 1995), Clevland (Majestyk, 2000), Dallas (Majestyk, 1994), Grant (Majestyk, 1994), Hempstead, Little River, Nevada.


Syntrichia [POTTIACEAE]

Syntrichia chisosa (Magill, Delg. & Stark) Zand.


Syntrichia fragilis (Tayl.) Ochyra

BOSTON MTS: Adair-OK (NY), Newton-AK.  Report from Cherokee-OK is Syntrichia chicosa (Buck & Allen, 1992).

Syntrichia laevipila Brid.

PRAIRIE: Bates, Barton, Jackson, Johnson, Vernon. BORDER COUNTIES: Clay (Gier, 1955), Lincoln (Darigo, 1997), St. Charles (Darigo, 1997).  SPFD PLATEAU: Barry, Cedar, Cherokee-OK, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Hickory, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Polk, St. Clair, Webster.  SALEM PLATEAU: Baxter-AK, Benton (Majestyk, 2001), Butler (MO), Camden, Cape Girardeau (MO), Carroll-AK, Carter, Cherokee-OK, Cole, Crawford, Douglas, Franklin, Howell,  Jefferson, Laclede, Maries, Miller, Moniteau (MO), Oregon, Ozark, Perry (Darigo, 1997), Phelps, Pulaski, Ripley, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis, Scott, Shannon, Stone, Stone-AK, Taney, Texas, Wright.  ST. FRANCOIS MTS: Madison.  OZARK HILLS: Gallatin, Randolph.  BOSTON MTS: Cherokee-OK, Conway (DUKE), Delaware-OK (MO), Franklin, Johnson, Newton, Sequoyah-OK, Stone, Muskogee-OK (MO), Pope (DUKE). ARKANSAS VALLEY: Haskell-OK, Latimer-OK, LeFlore-OK, Logan.  OUACHITA MTS: Latimer-OK, LeFlore-OK, McCurtain-OK, Pushmataha-OK, Sevier (Majestyk, 2002).  MISSISSIPPI LOWLANDS: Mississippi, Pemiscot (Darigo, 1999), Phillips (MO), St. Francis (Majestyk, 2002).

Syntrichia pagorum (Milde) Aman = S. laevipila fide Mishler, 2007.

Syntrichia papillosa (Wils. in Spruce) Jur.

SPFD PLATEAU: Barry.  SALEM PLATEAU: Carter (MO), Ozark (MO), Stone, Taney.

Syntrichia ruralis (Hedw.) Web. & Mohr.

PRAIRIE: Jackson.  SPFD PLATEAU: Dade, Dallas, Greene, McDonald, St. Clair. SALEM PLATEAU: Shannon (MO).

Syrrhopodon Schwaegr.  [CALYMPERACEAE]

Syrrhopodon texanus Sull.

 SALEM PLATEAU: Ste. Genevieve.  OZARK HILLS: Gallatin, Johnson, Saline, Union (MO).  BOSTON MTS: Van Buren.